Angola Expo 2020

For its pavilion’s slogan, Angola chose ‘From Tradition to Innovation’, which is part of the ‘Opportunity’ sub-theme: Taking advantage of people’s and communities potential to build a better future.

This theme facilitates a more in-depth debate regarding Angola , as well as the link to other global issues addressed during the Expo. The exhibition is a journey around Angola, its people, culture and innovation, while demonstrating the country’s potential, as well as the efforts being made to achieve sustainable development. The conceptual basis and inspiration for the pavilion’s architecture and narrative is the geometry of Sona ( traditional sand drawings). We pay tribute  to ancient knowledge  sharing via the “ Connecting with Tradition to Innovate” theme, creating a starting point for a journey that revisits traditional and local knowledge in an innovative way , while using this base to (re) consider local and global issues. Using the innovative numerical systems of the sand drawings, we combine this concept with the binary system, whose basic digital unit involves 0 and 1 , and which is the base of calculations and communications in the digital era.

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The pavilion is divided into two areas:

0 or Point 0 – a MEETING area:

The pavilion’s welcome area, which works as an introduction to the journey we offer visitors.

1 or Matrix – an exhibition area, a place of CONNECTION with the different themes on show:

The main exhibition area is divided  into sub-themes ( education, new industries, governance , employment and financial capital), where visitors can navigate the different zones and create their own personal narrative. This is done using immersive and interactive areas that complement one another, providing an overview of contemporary Angola and its commitment to a better future. The Angola pavilion offers visitors a unique, holistic , and inspiring flavour of the country, focussing on three cornerstones ( innovation, inclusion and understanding.  The visit begins with an exterior experience that includes elements that demonstrate the theme of the pavilion, such as representations of Angolan identity and the country’s experience of international  Expos. The next stage is interior , where visitors can enjoy a conceptually innovative, technologically advanced and aesthetically cutting-edge space that offers a multisensory visit.

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