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Message from the President of Angola

Angola’s presence and excellent participation in world exhibitions in recent years has proved to be a success story, serving these events – which attract thousands of visitors, distinguished entrepreneurs and rulers – as a privileged showcase of the culture and identity of the Angolan people, the richness and beauty of their natural resources, as well as their potential for investment and tourist attractions.

With the general theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, Expo 2020 Dubai aims to build bridges to a dialogue between nations, aware that, in a heavily interconnected world, it is in collaboration between the peoples who reside the solutions for the preservation of the planet and the future of humanity. Angola wants to be part of this dialogue, contributing its modest but valuable DNA to solving global problems, without neglecting, internally, the work that has been done to consolidate a peaceful, just and equal society, in which opportunities are for all, becoming the lever of a model of solid and sustainable development.

Angola chose for the theme of its Pavilion, “Connect with Tradition to Innovate” and with the slogan “From Tradition to Innovation”.

As our population is mostly young, the sub-theme in which the Pavilion of Angola falls is precisely “Opportunity”. This sub-theme opens up a huge range of perspectives and is also an opportunity to discuss with a renewed look the guidelines of our National Development Program 2018-2022, meeting the aspirations of the population and making their expectations and initiatives a reality. To this end, the Government has been investing in policies that prepare the country for future challenges, focusing on specific sectoral areas that it considers essential to achieve its far-reaching objectives, including Human Development and the Well-being of populations.

The sectoral areas surrounding the chosen sub-theme – Education, Employment, New Industries, Financial Capital and Governance – are the pillars of creating opportunities, reducing asymmetries and stimulating human and economic growth that we envision for the future of Angola.

The proposal of Expo 2020 Dubai is for all participants to look at the key sectors in which they are developing from new points of view, questioning themselves and adjusting policies if necessary. Thus, we will focus on these key sectors emphasizing Inclusion, i.e. finding solutions to expand the benefits of development and innovation to all communities. Stimulating understanding, which implies transmitting to populations and making them understand the behavior transformations necessary to adapt to future changes. And propelling Innovation, an essential premise in the improvement of solutions, products and practices that contribute positively to our future and to the future of the planet.

In the innovation chapter and by making appeal to the theme of our Pavilion, there is still another perspective on which the approach of this book focuses: how can we value traditional knowledge and integrate it in an innovative way in solving current and future problems? Tradition is part of the cultural root of the Angolan people, it is synonymous with identity and belonging, of a unique and unrepeatable wealth. To despise it would be a mistake, but it must be adapted, innovating the knowledge and techniques inherited from our ancestors and transforming them into new opportunities.

Taking advantage of an extraordinary capital, of which we highlight: the young population, territorial diversity, the multiplicity of traditions, cultures and languages and vast natural resources, Angola intends to highlight its presence, in a world in which new technologies, creative industries and the green economy are the engines of global development.

Those who visit the Angola Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be invited to make a journey of discovery to the country, its people, traditions and cultures, seen in the light of innovation and new technologies, a new world full of opportunities.

Message from CG Albina Assis Africano

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Expos as world-wide venues are events that bring together States, the Private Sector, Non-Governmental Organizations and the general public around some of the great issues of our time leading us to rethink them and find common answers. They are thus platforms for a global approach, where experts, influencers, civil society and decision makers can work together for future challenges.

But they are also important business cards. Since, in 1992, Angola participated for the first time in a World Exhibition, that of Seville, Spain, the assiduous presence in international events with the prestige and dimension of an Expo, has proved extremely effective, making known to the world our traditions and culture, economy and potentialities, as well as contributing to the collection of investments in various areas.

Expo after Expo, Angolan participation has been improving qualitatively and the resulting recognition and notoriety have been proportional. The highest point occurred in 2015 at the World Exhibition in Milan, where Angola was recognized internationally with numerous awards and distinctions.

For Expo Dubai 2020, the first to take place in an Arab country, our expectations remain high. Under the theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, the Expo aims to celebrate how much humanity can achieve together, solving its great common challenges and architecting, while architecting a sustainable future for communities.

In this context, the main message to be withwhich both innovation and progress are the result of meeting people and therefore ideas. Increasingly, great innovations and transformative concepts are the product of the universal sharing of ideas and experiences.

Like other Expos, the Angola Pavilion was designed to make known the country and its potentialities, addressing in parallel the themes and subthemes of the Expo in an educational aspect. Culture, gastronomy and business forums complement the activities.

What is intended is for the visitor to take a trip through Angola con-temporânea. Whether for the diversity of its people and culture, or for the opportunities created on its path towards sustainable development, where tradition, identity element and innovation naturally converge, a transforming element and in line with the theme chosen by us: “Connecting with Tradition to Innovate”. By interpreting in an innovative way the slogan we created for this trip “Angola: from Tradition to Innovation”, we recovered the Sona tradition of the Cokwé people, from the Northeast of the country, for the conceptual basis and inspiration of the architecture and narrative of the Pavilion. This is how it is, revisiting local knowledge and traditional wisdom, through of an interactive and sensory approach, which we pay homage to an ancient language of knowledge sharing that, curiously, uses digital symbols and drawings made in the sand, to communicate.

Thinking for adults and children, the Pavilion of Angola has as its ambition to be a memorable experience, inviting the public to participate in the Angolan way of life, through new technologies, but also with the use of tactile and physical experiences, providing an immersive journey to the past, the present and, mainly, the future of the country.

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